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Hydrating Shampoo: although ideal for all types of hair, it is particularly suited to dry, over-treated hair whose colour has dulled.

Curling Shampoo: formulated to give curly hair softness and suppleness. Rich in natural oils, high-grade butters, vegetal extracts and proteins.

Choose a finish between:

Saltiness: no rinse spray, ideal for giving all hair types body, hold and vigor. Fresh seaweed extracts make it ideal for those nostalgic for the beach. Use at any time as a styling product after shampooing. Light hold, does not make hair feel sticky.

Shine: for super glossy locks and long-lasting radiance with a sleek, lightweight finish. Leaves hair clean, silky and soft to the touch. Tames unmanageable hair.

Powder: volumizing and texturizing powder to give hair body. Cleans and refreshes hair absorbing sebum from the scalp.

Wax Matte: this strong hold, high-definition styling wax made from a combination of waxes gives an immediate matte look. Enriched with re-mineralizing clay, it does not weigh hair down or leave residues. Holds and protects all day long.

Enclosed in the pack:

Volumizing Conditioner: deep strengthening conditioner restores volume and eliminates dryness from lifeless hair that tangles easily. Moisturizes, nourishes and gives hair body leaving it soft, thick and shiny.

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