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Volumizing Shampoo: Suitable for everyday use, gently cleans the hair leaving it soft and full of volume. Plant extracts revitalize and reinvigorate hair from the roots up, strengthening it and giving it volume.

Volumizing Conditioner: deep strengthening conditioner restores volume and eliminates dryness from lifeless hair that tangles easily. Moisturizes, nourishes and gives hair body leaving it soft, thick and shiny.

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ContestaRockHair® is a dynamic organization set up by the activity of a group of people who share a mutual project.The intent is to build up a space with no boundaries, whether geographic or around any form of artistic expression.

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CRH “Contesta Rock Hair” Ltd. operates in accordance with principles of freedom, human dignity and consideration of diversity, rejecting in principle, any kind of discrimination, whether racial, religious, political, sexual, philosophical and cultural.